How to Get to Challenger League of Legends

Challenger is the highest rank you can get in League of Legends and in order to get there you have to be the best of the best.  There are only 50 players in each server that have the rank of challenger in solo queue and getting their is no easy task.  You have to be the best.

Flawless mechanics

how to get to challenger

If you think you can miss cs and be in Challenger you are mistaken.  The players in this rank are the best in the world at getting last hits and accumulating a lot of gold.  Watch a stream of someone in challenger or high diamond and you will have to be just as good or better to get to this rank.

You have to know how to farm under turret perfectly as well.  I know a lot of players miss a few last hits every time it gets to their tower and this is a no no if you want to be the best.

All in all it is mainly important to stay relatively even with your enemy laner.  If you are missing a lot of last hits there are going to be players that don’t and they are going to win on that bases alone.  If you have an extra 3000 gold on your opponent you are going to win trades and engages even if they aren’t good.

0 Rage Whatsoever.

rage lol

You never see players in high rank rage… ever.  That is because if you rage you will lose games and if you lose these games you will not be in the top of the world.  You could have the same skill level as other challenger players but if you rage you will not make it to the top

If you want to get to challenger you have to never rage and try your hardest to win every game you play even if you are behind.  Challenger players don’t usually surrender and they always find a way to try and win the game.

Winning lane, or staying even.

The ability to lane against the best players in the world.  If you have lost your lane in gold rank or even platinum, your laning ability is not going to cut it in challenger.  These players are highly skilled and will exploit every mistake you make.

The fact is that you can win games even if you do not win games, however, it makes things a little bit more challenging.  When you win lane you are setting yourself up for winning the game because you are putting yourself in an advantageous situation.  As a result, the other player on the other team is at a disadvantageous situation.

Just make sure that you are trading damage properly and doing everything you can to win lane.  When you start playing against better players and in higher rank, it is much harder to crush your lane and jungle has a lot more to do with who comes out on top.

Do not get discouraged if you lose lane you can still win.

how to get challenger lol

A lot of players simply give up and stop trying when they do not perform well in the laning phase and this is probably the worst thing you can do if you are trying to get challenger.  The best players win more than any other players against the best players in the world.  In order to do this you have to allow yourself a chance to come back and win the game.

It sucks being behind, but you have to adapt your playing style and strategy in order to cope with your current circumstances.  Great players can come back and make plays even if they are behind.  The key is to not die, keep farming, and help your team get objectives and ward.

This also applies to picking a good champion that scales well into the late game.  You do not have to have super excellent scaling, but you want to make sure that you are useful when late game comes along.  This means that even if you lose lane you can still be useful late game.

Be a team player.

You have to live, breath, and die for the team.  If it is good for the team you should be doing it.  Some of the players in challenger are not the “best” players in the traditional sense of the word, but they do everything they can to win games.  Based on skill level alone, some players in Diamond 1 are better than some of the Challenger players.

The point I am trying to make is that the more you focus on helping your team and working as a unit the more rank you are going to get.  When you only look out for yourself you are putting a lot of the weight and responsibility to win the game solely on your own shoulders.

League of Legends is not a solo game, it is a team game.  So much of the game has a team element and catering to this will only serve to benefit you.

Getting Objectives

When a bunch of the enemy players are seen top ganking your team member the first gut reaction is to try and follow up and help your team.  Wrong.  At this point it is probably too late to help and the best thing you can do is to push a lane or trade an objective.

Walking around doing nothing is not very efficient and being efficient is the key to winning games and being better than other players.  The only difference between you and a Challenger player is the Challenger player make the right decisions more often.

Towers, dragons, and barons, are the key to winning games and eventually getting the nexus.  The game tends to boil down to one team fight at the end of the game that makes the difference between winning and losing.  Everything you do in between is to just set yourself up for winning the game.

Getting to challenger is extremely hard but it can be done with commitment and persistence.  The top is a very lonely place and that is because a lot of people will not do what it takes to get there.  It can be done you just have to work at it and keep getting better.

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