The LoL Ranking System It’s All About MMR

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The new ranking system in League has been getting a lot of criticism, as it should.  The new ranks essentially do not mean anything because your matchmaking and gains of LP are purely determined on your matchmaking rating.  This is, of course, hidden so you can not access it; and this creates a real problem  What Riot has done is create what I like to call “fake” ranks in order to make players less nervous and feel better about their rank.  The problem is that this system is based on lies.

Personally, if I have a low ELO, I want to know it.  I do not want to suffer winning 5 LP for a win and losing 20 as a loss just because Riot does not show the real rating.  This also causes an absurd amount of frustration for players.  At least with the old system you knew where you stood in the ELO system and gained the same amount for a win as you did for a loss.  It is literally making players demoralized to play the game because they are winning games but going nowhere.  In a sense, this is a real life ELO hell, not in the way that you cannot go up, but in the way that you are lied to about your rating in the first place so you cannot see any of the actual progress you are making.

That set aside, the system is not unbeatable; and you still can control if you go up or not.  The fact is if you are in one of these situations, the ranking system thinks that you are worse than you actually are, so it is matching you with players that are worse.  As long as you keep winning more than you are losing, you should go up.  It is all about your ELO or MMR.  Once that balances out, you can start making more progress.

The thing that really makes me sick is that you cannot see the progress you are making, and severe drops can be because of things like connectivity issues.  You lose some games because you have internet problems; and all of a sudden, you feel as though you cannot move up.

It is sugar coated–the ranks, everything.  Your division and bracket that you are in is more of a “this is how high I’ve gotten” as opposed to a “this is my current skill level.”  People want to know where they stand against other players and, more importantly, where they stand against themselves, the progress they made and what direction they are going.  Riot has robbed us of this, and it looks like they will be doing some things to change it in the upcoming season.

If it were me, I would change everything back to the ELO system because things were a lot more clear that way.  People saw your ELO as a reflection of your skill level, and they respected it.  You saw the ELO, and you knew where you were on the ladder.  Now the ladder is gone and only applies to 50 players in challenger.  While Riot said they did this to not discourage players that were at the bottom because there where so many people above them, they have now prevented good players from tracking their progress and seeing where they stand against other players.

It just doesn’t make sense to make these divisions and ranks if you are going to just use ELO (MMR) to place and determine LP gains anyway.  I really am not impressed with the divisions and how the new rank system is set up.  It sugar coats the rank system, and the rank system is something that shouldn’t be sugar coated.  It is a tough and competitive place where players fight for the top ranks.  That is why it is called a RANKING system, but now it is just random metals and divisions that don’t mean anything.

Your MMR is what determines your skill level and the progress you have made.  The rank means nothing.  Since this is the case, they should at least have the decency to allow you to see your MMR so you know where you stand.

Riot has always been a good company when it comes to fixing and improving their game.  I have no doubt that they will find a fix to this problem; and, until then, all we can do is wait and get better.  Focus on winning more games than you lose, and you will start to go up.  This is the ELO system and how it is set up.

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